Professor Edward Blakely

Professor Edward Blakely

Professor Edward J. Blakely is an internationally recognised leader in urban development and planning.

He has been directly involved in strategic planning, financing, real estate development and project management for decades and was awarded the US Rural Sergeant Shriver Award for Outstanding Service to Native American and Rural Anti-Poverty by the US Office of Economic Opportunity.

Professor Blakely has a long history in working with disadvantaged communities on community economic development in many countries and in 2014 received recognition from UN Habitat for his work and leadership in New Orleans for the recovery of social inclusivity and economic sustainability through redevelopment post Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As a consultant, advisor, mediator and arbitrator, Professor Blakely is known for his capacity to be inclusive with communities and in leading teams in working through solutions for major projects in urban and rural areas, which includes his work in the Future Cities Program to re-envision programs in 19 cities in Sydney’s metropolitan area.

He also brings skills in real estate development and finance from his service for 20 years on the boards of major real estate and development entities such as Partner in Humboldt Properties and Dos Lagos Development in California.

Professor Blakely was formerly the Chair of Urban Planning at Sydney University and was also an emeritus Professor of Urban Planning at the University of California at Berkeley, where he served the longest term as Chair. As a bestselling author of 17 publications, Professor Blakely’s publications include his book on urban economic development, Planning Local Economic Development, which has become a standard text on the topic.