Credits & Legal


The images on this website (not including staff photographs) were made by Richard Woldendorp. Chalk & Behrendt thank Mr Woldendorp for granting permission to use his exquisite photographs. Chalk & Behrendt acknowledges that the photographs (excluding photographs of staff) are protected under copyright. Chalk & Behrendt acknowledges that:

  • the copyright in relation to each of the images on this website belongs to Mr Richard Woldendorp; and
  • each images is shown on this website with permission granted under an agreement, between Chalk & Behrendt and the holder of the copyright to upload and communicate these images to the public for the purpose of this website.

Any reproduction or communication of the images hosted on this website by other parties is prohibited unless permitted by separate agreement with the holder of the copyright.

Further information and the catalogue of other works by Mr Richard Woldendorp can be accessed online at

Supply Nation

Chalk & Behrendt is an Indigenous Business as certified by Supply Nation.  This means that our firm is 51% or more owned and controlled by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people. Supply Nation is endorsed by the Australian Government and its corporate members.

Further information about Supply Nation can be accessed online at